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What is SM-ARTI

Staying active on social media takes time and dedication, thankfully now there is SM-ARTI.

Automation tools available to help you publish posts and schedule posts in advance. With built-in Bots you save costly time by using the system to plan and schedule batches of posts at once platforms and respond to messages and comment posts, quickly and efficiently. With a powerful admin console, you have access to features as follows.

1. Messaging directly into the Facebook messenger inbox - You can now send bulk messages as you do with email marketing, except now your using Facebook Messenger.
2. Automatic lead generation from posts - Allows your post to help generate more leads.
3. Auto like comments on post as your page - Automatically like comments on your post to show a responsiveness that stimulates the user experience
4. Auto reply to comments on post as your page
5. Auto reply to comments on post via private message - Assign auto replies to post on your pages timeline that can send inbox message to the individual
6. Unique reply/comment based on keyword - Set auto responses based on keywords
7. Personalize comment/reply to include users name - Give that personal touch, so no one common reply
8. Generate leads from your website using Facebook chat plugin - Add Facebook chat plugin to your website to start conversation on facebook
9. Automatically import new leads into your dashboard - Once signed up and packages is selected, you will be able to import all pages that you are an admin to.
10. Group leads for faster response rate - create groups for segmenting your audience or send to all leads
11. Full notification and inbox manager for your pages - Now you can manage your Facebook page inbox directly from the platform

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